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Contact the farmers? Joos: +31 6 20029568 | Marien: +31 6 51347892
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Contacting Poppe Agriculture

Adhering to their motto 'tight and simple' they strive for pure, organic cultivation, farming as it is intended to be. Please feel free to contact us at Poppe Landbouw in Nagele for more information about our organic products.

Poppe Landbouw

Zuidwesterringweg 10
8308 PD Nagele (Noordoostpolder, Flevoland), the Netherlands

Email info@poppelandbouw.nl

Email for invoices: facturen@poppelandbouw.nl

+ 31 (0)6 - 20029568
Marien +31 (0)6 - 5134 7892


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