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Poppe Landbouw Products

Organic products from Poppe Landbouw from Nagele (Flevoland) usually stay in the Netherlands, but some go across borders. We grow carrots, onions, potatoes, root chicory, alfalfa and grass-clover. You can learn more about our products below. Please feel free to contact Joos or Marien Poppe for more information. 


During the season, Albert Hein takes a large proportion of the organic carrots we produce at Poppe Landbouw . This supermarket chain is a major winter carrot buyer in the Netherlands. And we export a lot of carrots to countries such as Germany and England.
The carrots are available from August and we store them in-house until June. We grow two varieties, Nazareth for early delivery and Nerac for storage 


We are proud that we are the supplier of organic onions and shallots for Albert Heijn in our country. These onions and shallots are packed in-house at Poppe Landbouw, in nets starting from 150 grams, so that they are delivered ready for the shopper. That is certainly something we are proud of! Our organic yellow and red onions also cross borders to supermarkets in other countries. From August to May, we sort onions from our storage and pack them in crates, big bags or regular bags ranging from 10-25 kg. And we have a machine for packaging onions in nets, starting from 150 grams. We grow the Red Tide and Redlander varieties of red onions and the Hylander yellow variety. And we grow the Conserver shallot variety. 


Poppe Landbouw is the supplier of organic seed potatoes for the Dutch trading company Agrico Bioselect. We grow the varieties Agria, Ditta, Carolus and Twinner. We start the cultivation with mini-tubers, so that, after a few years, we can supply high-quality seed potatoes for organic growers in the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe.


Root Chicory

Poppe Landbouw grows organic root chicory for Krops Witlof in Nagele and Flevolof in Espel (both in Noordoostpolder in the Netherlands). Working in close consultation with Krops Witlof and Flevolof, we grow the right varieties for harvesting beautiful witloof. As soon as the root chicory has produced witloof (the broad-leaf chicory), you will find part of the production on the shelves at Albert Heijn.


Poppe Landbouw sows organic alfalfa, to keep the agricultural land fertile and to create a good growing base for the following year. When the alfalfa is fully grown, it is mowed and picked up. The grass drying plant dries it and turns it into animal feed for organic livestock farming.


At Poppe Landbouw, we also keep our fields fertile by growing grass-clover. Organic farmers from the area mow the grass to feed their organic cows. In exchange, Poppe Agriculture uses their plots for cultivating potatoes, onions and carrots.

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