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About Poppe Landbouw

From conventional agriculture to organic

Poppe Landbouw was established in 1958 on the Zuidwesterringweg in Nagele (Noordoostpolder) in the Netherlands, where the farm practiced conventional agriculture until 2000. Due to the increasing demand for organic products and the fact that we support sustainable cultivation with all our heart, the farm has been completely organic since 2002. Marien and Joos have been responsible for running Poppe Landbouw since 2007.


Keeping the soil fertile

Organic farming is good for the land. Our soil provides the basis for producing beautiful and high-quality products. By growing organically, we can use a broad cultivation plan, and that has a positive effect on soil fertility. At Poppe Landbouw, we maintain our soil in top condition by alternating mowing and harvesting crops and opting for optimal fertilization with compost and organic fertilizer.  



We use a range of machines for controlling weeds, e.g. a burner, a harrow and a hoe. Hans, Willem, Nick, Jeroen and Wim help us all year round with all the regular activities on the farm. Ellen takes care of our bookkeeping. There is a lot of manual work on our farm. In the summer, around 40 employees help with weeding at Poppe Landbouw. In winter, Adam, Gosia, Paulo and Alexandra help us handle sorting. All these people contribute to making Poppe Agriculture a success!

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